Gen’s s Litter-5 Weeks

Gen’s litter is now 5 weeks old. They are doing amazing, and I am having so much fun with them! All puppies are spoken for.
Here is what I have observed so far. Their personalities are showing more and more every day, they are still young and developing.
-Gigi and Ghost both have nice, thick coats and are on the calmer side.
-Gunner loves to give kisses and sit on our lap.
-Gizmo is the most playful of all 3 boys. He is adventurous.
-Gwen is definitely a snuggler and a lover. She will cuddle on our lap forever.
-Georgia is the most playful of the females so far. She loves to check things out.
-Ginger is the second most playful right now and is very curious.
-Ginny is extremely happy and is her tail is always wagging no matter what she is doing.
(Updated: 12/8/21)