We get a lot of the same questions so hopefully this will help you understand our policies.
Yes, either OFA or PENN Hip
Yes, they have a 2 year health guarantee against any genetic defects that would keep the dog from hunting.
Yes you do and we start picks at 5 to 6 weeks. Picks are done in the order in which deposits are received.
Once a female has a confirmed pregnancy at around 25 weeks, we accept 4 deposits (2 males and 2 females).  I post on our website and Facebook page when the pregnancy is confirmed and indicate that we are accepting deposits.  I accept the deposits in the order in which I am contacted back. We accept the remaining deposits once the pups are whelped. This way we know how many she has and the sex of the pups. Again, I post on my website and Facebook page indicating that the pups have been whelped, and I am taking the remaining deposits.  Deposits are nonrefundable unless we do not have a puppy for you.
No, however, if you cannot come pick up your puppy, we recommend Blue Collar Pet Transport.  Give them a call at (888) 208-6669 or visit their website at https://bluecollarpettransport.com/
Yes, if the pup is going to get a lot of exercise and is part of the family.
Our pups are sold with limited registration.